Television and Radio Advertising


Jasin Advertising, Inc. has been providing professional TV and Radio advertising services in New England and across the nation for over 50 years. We have worked with and earned the respect of all local media sources so will get your business the best TV and radio advertising rates possible. We have the experience, knowledge and know-how to get our clients the most advertising exposure possible to target your customers – which means more traffic and sales for your business.


Our TV and Radio Advertising Services Include:


    * TV campaigns and commercials

    * Radio spots and promotions

    * On air media scheduling, buying and placing

    * Full media planning, monitoring, billing and more!


With over 60 years of local, regional and national experience, we have the great advantage of really knowing this market, your customers and all the advertising options available to reach them. We can create effective, high quality advertising customized specifically for your business very quickly and at very reasonable rates and prices to get the biggest bang for every buck, keeping you within budget and on target.


Contact Jasin Advertising, Inc. today at <> to schedule a free, no obligation consultation, or browse the website for more information about TV and radio advertising or corporate identity and image.


We’ll give your Business the 

Exposure it Needs to Succeed !